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Chromium-6 Found in Tap Water of 31 U.S. Cities

Eni Joins the Earth Institute’s Corporate Circle as a Strategic Partner

A beautiful day in Antarctica

Gearing up in New Zealand

Green Drinks – A Festive Way to Celebrate the Holidays!

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Fluoridation of Water: Communist Conspiracy, Genuine Threat or Both?

At AGU, Earth Institute’s Columbia Water Center Adds to the Abundance of Scientific Riches

Being an Earth Institute Fellow

A Milestone Worthy of a Party: the Municipal Water Plan in Brazil

Antarctica’s Secrets

GE Agrees to Phase 2 of Hudson River Cleanup

The Last Arctic Sea Ice Refuge

The Caribbean’s Growing Disaster Hotspots

Charcoal, Construction and Coffins: Tracing Links from Disasters to Deforestation in Haiti

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A Global Fellows Program for Sustainable Development Undergraduates

Finding Sustainable Solutions As Water Crisis in India’s Food Bowl Grows

Is New York City Ready for Drought?

The Columbia Water Center’s New Projects Section

A Study on The Effectiveness of Certificate Programs

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Honoring a Pioneer in Planetary Evolution

Connecting Development Practitioners and Students Online

India’s Water Is Running Out

The Right Tools to Talk Climate

Deep Ocean Heat Is Melting Antarctic Ice

Climate News Roundup – Cancun Summit

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18,000 Scientists–In One Place

Playing for the Planet

Cancun and the Fundamentals of the Global Climate Crisis

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Green Tip & Trade

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Parched for Peace: The Fertile Crescent Might Be Barren

Parched for Peace: A Slight Digression, Just for Kicks

Climate News Roundup – Week of 11/21 and 11/28

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Ceará, Brazil: With Electricity and Water, This Place is Heaven

The Skeptic Series, Part I: Earth is Not Warming: Temperatures Haven’t Risen

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New York Earthquake Barely Causes a Stir

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Plastic Bottles, Compost Toilets and Rainwater Catchment: Simple Solutions for Haiti’s Clean Water Crisis

Courtship Rituals in The Animal World

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My Work as a GSK Volunteer for MCI: Gathering Baseline Data on Maternal and Neonatal Health Services in Kisumu, Kenya

California’s Water Rights Controversy: Should Farmers Be Allowed to Transfer Water to Developers?

What the U.S. Midterm ‘Shellacking’ Means for Energy Policy

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