2010 - State of the Planet

Chromium-6 Found in Tap Water of 31 U.S. Cities

Eni Joins the Earth Institute’s Corporate Circle as a Strategic Partner

A beautiful day in Antarctica

Gearing up in New Zealand

Green Drinks – A Festive Way to Celebrate the Holidays!

Fluoridation of Water: Communist Conspiracy, Genuine Threat or Both?

At AGU, Earth Institute’s Columbia Water Center Adds to the Abundance of Scientific Riches

Being an Earth Institute Fellow

A Milestone Worthy of a Party: the Municipal Water Plan in Brazil

Antarctica’s Secrets

GE Agrees to Phase 2 of Hudson River Cleanup

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The Last Arctic Sea Ice Refuge

The Caribbean’s Growing Disaster Hotspots

Charcoal, Construction and Coffins: Tracing Links from Disasters to Deforestation in Haiti

A Global Fellows Program for Sustainable Development Undergraduates

Finding Sustainable Solutions As Water Crisis in India’s Food Bowl Grows

Is New York City Ready for Drought?

The Columbia Water Center’s New Projects Section

A Study on The Effectiveness of Certificate Programs

Honoring a Pioneer in Planetary Evolution

Connecting Development Practitioners and Students Online

India’s Water Is Running Out

The Right Tools to Talk Climate

Deep Ocean Heat Is Melting Antarctic Ice

Climate News Roundup – Cancun Summit

18,000 Scientists–In One Place

Playing for the Planet

Cancun and the Fundamentals of the Global Climate Crisis

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Green Tip & Trade

Parched for Peace: The Fertile Crescent Might Be Barren

Parched for Peace: A Slight Digression, Just for Kicks

Climate News Roundup – Week of 11/21 and 11/28

Ceará, Brazil: With Electricity and Water, This Place is Heaven

The Skeptic Series, Part I: Earth is Not Warming: Temperatures Haven’t Risen

New York Earthquake Barely Causes a Stir

Plastic Bottles, Compost Toilets and Rainwater Catchment: Simple Solutions for Haiti’s Clean Water Crisis

Courtship Rituals in The Animal World

My Work as a GSK Volunteer for MCI: Gathering Baseline Data on Maternal and Neonatal Health Services in Kisumu, Kenya

California’s Water Rights Controversy: Should Farmers Be Allowed to Transfer Water to Developers?

What the U.S. Midterm ‘Shellacking’ Means for Energy Policy

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Water to Go: The Tapit Water Network

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Climate Solutions, Nation by Nation

COP16 event on Climate Services & Disaster Risk

Climate News Roundup – Week of 11/8 and 11/15

Migration – A Movement of Marvel

Geography Awareness Week: Freshwater is Serious Fun

Parched for Peace: The UAE has Oil and Money, but No Water

Strengthening U.S.-India Agricultural Research

Making Sense of Earth Data: A Guide

The Multiple Faces of Antarctic Ice

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Jeffrey Sachs and Senator John Kerry on Energy

Direct Seeding of Rice – A Simple Solution to India’s Water Crisis?

How Bloodthirsty Creatures of The Night See

‘Small is Also Beautiful’ – Appropriate Technology Cuts Rice Farmers’ Water Use by 30 Percent in Punjab, India

Parched for Peace: A Miniseries on the Mideast Water Crisis

Top Ten Lessons Learned on mHealth

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Sachs Student Lecture: America’s Economic Crisis – Where Do We Go From Here?

Answering Claims of the Climate Skeptics: An Introduction

Welcome to Eco-Matters

Is Groundwater Depletion Causing Sea-level Rise?

Using Mobile Phones to Help Prevent HIV Transmission to Children

Drugs in Our Drinking Water: An Update

Climate News Roundup – Week of 11/05/2010

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Upcoming Information Sessions: Master of Arts in Climate and Society

EI Exhibits Wares at mHealth Summit in Washington

Risky Business 2: Municipal Bonds?

Columbia Engineers an Impact on Water Sustainability

The New York DEP: A New Kind of Modeling Agency

Who said what? Answering Ross McKitrick’s “Response to Misinformation from Deutsche Bank,” Part II

Sachs: ‘US Remains Trapped and Paralyzed on Climate Change’

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Collaborating with Students from the Bloomberg School of Public Health

Can We Have Our Water and Drink It, Too? Exploring the Water Quality-Quantity Nexus

Who said what? Answering Ross McKitrick’s “Response to Misinformation from Deutsche Bank,” Part I

Measuring Earthquakes in Western New York

An African Green Revolution: Can the Continent Become Agriculturally Self-Sufficient?

A Year of Progress Toward a Sustainable Earth

‘Troubled Waters’ Wreaking Havoc, from Minnesota to Mexico

How Hamburgers Pollute Our Water

Measuring the Ice From a Bird’s Eye View!

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Open House for Environment and Sustainable Development Programs

IRI Scientist wins NSF CAREER award

Newsweek Takes on Water

Denmark’s New Mark: Fossil-free by 2050

In New York City, 2010 is All About the Water

Understanding the Crucial Connection Between Water and Energy

DIY Superfund Cleanup? Jerko the Water Vacuum Goes to Gowanus

Understanding the ‘Rain’ in Rainforest

Deutsche Bank and Earth Institute Debunk Climate Skeptics

Haiti Regeneration Initiative Team Resumes Research

Earth Institute Receives $1 Million From MacArthur Foundation for Sexual and Reproductive Health Initiative

Eli Kintisch on Geoengineering and ‘Jumping the Shark’

Peruvians Fight for Their Right to Water

Climate News Roundup: Weeks of 9/20 and 9/27

Another Superfund Site in New York City: Newtown Creek to Get a Makeover

The Earth Institute Raises $3.8 Million to Support the Millennium Cities Initiative

Fear and Thirst in Las Vegas (and Phoenix, and Los Angeles . . .)

Model District Health Project Aims to Reach 600 Million in India

Report from the Field: The Tro-Tro – An Essential Mode of Transport in Accra, Ghana

What They See: A Final Account from TCC

In the Fight Against Poverty, Higher Priority Needed for Environmental Sustainability

Report: State of Climate Prediction

Columbia Global Center | South Asia Opens its Doors in Mumbai

MDG Summit Media Rundown #4

Educated Girls Lead to Empowered Societies

Recent Gifts Support Bamboo Bike Project Scale-Up

MCI’s MDG Hero Series: MCI’s Kisumu Social Sector Specialist Makes Strides in Education and Infrastructure

Scaling Up The Right Nutrition Solutions In Emergencies…But Is There Enough?

MCI’s MDG Heroes Series: Physicians for Peace’s Ron Sconyers Helps Millennium Cities Attain Health-Related MDGs

Over $1m in New Commitments to Support Earth Institute Work

Nestlé Supports Earth Institute Food and Nutrition Systems Within the Millennium Villages Project

Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development Partners with the Earth Institute to Advance Technology to Help Achieve the MDGs for Health

MDG Summit Media Rundown #3

Useless Condoms and the Trap of HIV-sensitization

MDG Summit Media Rundown #2

The Infinite Space Between Life and Death: 3 Case Reports from Raphy Rosen

The Challenge of the Half-Acre Plot

MCI’s MDG Heroes Series: Kumasi Metropolitan Health Director Reduces Maternal Mortality

MDG Summit Media Rundown #1

Millennium Goals, Five Years to Go

Not Enough New Scientists and Engineers Entering the Energy Industry

Climate News Roundup – Week of 9/13

Promises, Promises: The Clock is Ticking in Africa’s Cities

Cyprus: A Case Study in Water Challenges

Drylands of Africa Pose Unique Challenge to Acheiving MDGs

Reaching the Millennium Development Goals in the Millennium Villages and Beyond

The Sustenance in Achieving Global Nutrition Security

Transforming Health in the Millennium Villages

Practice and Persevere: Neonatal Survival Workshops Aim to Reduce Infant Mortality in Ghana

Implementing the Lean Smart Grid

Climate-Security Linkages Lost in Translation

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The Electric Cities of the Future

Climate News Roundup – Week of 8/30 and 9/6

Restoring Sight: My Work With the Himalayan Cataract Project in Ethiopia

ImagineH2O’s 2010 Water Energy Nexus Prize Announced

Keeping New York City Water Safe

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Reusable, Homemade Feminine Pads: A Simple Intervention to Help Keep Girls in School

What is the Benefit of Privatizing Water?

The Pearl of Africa

Climate News Roundup – Week of 8/23

In Support of the Neglected Drinking Fountain

Deutsche Bank and Columbia Climate Center Enhance Global Climate Change Policy Tracker

More Ways to Study Sustainable Development Than Ever Before

Pricker Bushes, South African Barbeque and New Friends

A Beginner’s Guide to Climate Models

Is There an Ethics of Climate Change? Missing Conversations, New Challenges

Rolling a 13: Global Warming and Regional Water Management in Pakistan and Russia

Rock Hunting Before River Closes In

Climate News Roundup – Week of 8/16

Geology with a Taste of Safari

Rock Collecting While Watching for Crocodiles, Leopards

Privatizing Responsibility on Water Use

Singing, Clapping, Smiling over Geology in S. Africa

The Policy Buffet (Part 5): How the Oil Spill Killed the Climate Bill — and Why the Economy Didn’t Help, Either

Newlyweds Direct Wedding Gifts to the Earth Institute

Diamond Mine Field Trip on Despite Strike

Getting Underneath South Africa’s Mineral Wealth

The Policy Buffet (Part 4): Eulogizing the Climate Bill that Wasn’t

New York City Rocks Spark Cultural Exchange

Beating Global Heat, But Only By Dumb Luck

Struggle to Keep Fish, People & Power Companies Happy

Jeffrey Sachs, Gavin Schmidt on Economy and Wild Summer Weather

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Discovering Biltong, Brooklyn, in South Africa

Playful Times at TCC

Phytoremediation: Can It Solve the Brownfield Problem?

H2O – “Help to Others”, A Youth Inspired Water Project

Climate and the Border: Why Rising Temperatures Will Add Immigration Challenges

South Africa-Bound with Sand from Coney Island

Distributed Generation and Renewables in New York City

Beyond Carbon: How Fixing the Ozone Layer Contributes to Climate Change

Safe Water or Abundant Energy? Take Your Pick

Think Globally, Act Locally: Climate Adaptation in Action

Climate News Roundup – Week of 8/2

Sime Darby Supports Sustainable Agriculture and China 2049

Agriculture in Ruhiira MVP (Uganda)

Let’s Take a Break: NY Senate Passes Moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing

A Note on the Vocabulary of Death from Raphy Rosen

Relocation Brings Opportunities to Participate in a Historical Event in Kenya

Supporting Continued Rebuilding Efforts in Haiti

For the Birds

Global Population Growth and Water Scarcity Q&A

The World is Hemorrhaging Oil—The Oilpocalypse Continues

Mapping Peace, Protests, and Violence in Kenya

Climate News Roundup — Week of 7/26

Climate Change and the PR Problem

Notes from a Gender Needs Assessment: Kisumu’s Greatest Resource

The Place of Religion and Doctor-Patient Relationships at TCC

Preventing Malaria in the Millennium Villages

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Scary Water Study from the NRDC

Amazonians Have Shot at Reducing Greenhouse Gases, Says Study

Dealing with Disorder: Stories from TCC’s Huntington’s Disease Unit

Sewage treatment isn’t rocket science – except when it is

Earth Institute Scientists Drill Into the Oil Spill

Snake Expert and Former Earth Institute Fellow Named a National Geographic “Emerging Explorer”

Core of the Matter

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Sustaining Discovery Once Fieldwork Is Complete

Water in Paris

DRBC Gives Tentative Go Ahead to Fracking in PA — New York Skips the Meeting

Irrigation project success in Mali

Climate News Roundup – Week of 7/12

Water at last! Happy days for Milha, Brazil

The Glaciers Disappear: The Startling Photos of David Breashears

Tales of the inspired and the inspiring: Notes from a CSSR-TCC intern

An Inspirational Conversation with Two School2School "Alums"

Cousteau explores the Gulf oil spill

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Who Cares About Care?: 2 reports from Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center

Climate News Roundup – Week of 7/5

No More Pavement! The Problem of Impervious Surfaces

The Wounded Earth

The Policy Buffet (Part 3): As Kerry-Lieberman Fades, a Fresh Start for Cap-and-Trade?

Chicago Sanitary Canals, anything but sanitary

The Man Behind the White Coat: 3 reports from Raphy Rosen

Agriculture and Environment in Mbola MVP

Ice on Ice

Beat the Heat, but with Bottled Water?

Climate News Roundup — Week of 6/28 – 7/4

Chlorine: What Are Your Kids Swimming In?

Does temperature control atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations?

Fostering 21st Century Learning in sub-Saharan Africa

Enel and Sime Darby Join the Earth Institute Corporate Circle

Jamaica Bay, a refuge for wildlife in New York City, gets protection

The Policy Buffet (Part 2): Understanding the American Power Act

Grounding Climate Negotiations in Solution-Oriented Research

Resources for health in Ruhiira, Uganda

My Day with a Community Health Worker

Zombies and Water: What’s the Connection?

The PlayPump: What Went Wrong?

Saving Lives One Birth at a Time: Ghanaian Pediatricians Become Master Trainers in the AAP’s Helping Babies Breathe Curriculum

Climate News Roundup — Week of 6/21

How to Clean up the Gulf Coastline after the Oil Spill – EPA Workshop

Connecting Young and Old

Video: Flying Over Puncak Jaya

Who owns the Nile?

What is Truth: The First Question from Raphy Rosen, a CSSR-TCC Intern

Engaging Change: The Challenges of Governing MVP Initiatives

Earth Institute Scientists to Help Author Next IPCC Report

Why Women Matter

Hiking Monte Pollino

Columbia Planning Seminar on Accra, Ghana, Sparks Ideas to Further the City’s Development

Finished, as the Glaciers Fall Apart

Applied Climate Research: A Conversation with Stefan Sobolowski (Part 2)

Gender based training in Ruhiira

Fitting Calabria through a Rocky Doorway

A Home Away From Home

Peak Ecological Water

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Concord Bans Bottled Water

Etna’s Changing Landscape

Event: Himalayan Glaciers and Asia’s Looming Water Crisis

Climate News Roundup — Week of 6/14

A Visit to Gowanus

Energy, Agriculture, and the Environment: Dead Zones and the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Analyzing Mount Etna’s Lava

Asian Carp, Aquatic Interlopers Threaten the Great Lakes

The Policy Buffet (Part 1): Making Sense of the Senate’s Climate and Energy Proposals

Decline and Fall of a Glacier

Water Access in Mbola MVP: Not Just Another Pipe Dream


The Ice Cores

Images of Ice Drilling

The Permaculture Approach to Water

Dazed but Mostly Confused: Why Americans don’t know what to think about climate change

Improving Access to Safe Water and Sanitation in Kisumu, Kenya

Dust and its Impact on Earth’s Climate System

Water, Another Crisis for Iraq

Earth Democracy: A Lecture by Vandana Shiva

The Landscape We Are Up Against

When High Hopes Make Little Sense: Why the Hartwell Paper Fails to Deliver

Obama’s Oil Speech: What Wasn’t Said

by |Jun 16|Water

Student Researchers Past and Present Share their Work on Sustainable Development

Eliminating Mother to Child Transmission of HIV in the Mbola Millennium Village

CGHED Director Promotes the Millennium Development Goals

The Implications of Snowcover on Climate: A Conversation with Stefan Sobolowski (Part 1)

Climate News Roundup – Week of 6/7

Drilling the Glacier to Bedrock

Himalayan Glacier Melt: The Real Problem

Surveying the Sea of Marmara to Understand Faults and Earthquakes in Turkey

Education interventions in the Ruhiira Village: Sustainable?

A Dry Mediterranean

Thinking of Korea in Sauri, Kenya

Finally on Ice

Monitoring and Evaluation is Hard*

A Week with the Sauri, Kenya Education Team

Understanding Water Conflict in Central Asia, and Solutions

19 ways to solve the freshwater crisis

by |Jun 10|Water

Travels through the Crotone Basin

The Importance of Wetlands

On Our Way to the Top

Ice Drills Retrieved

Getting Under the Surface

Water is coming to Inga and Pedra Fina, Brazil

Sustainable Financing in the Mbola MVP?

Same Road, Different Obstacle

Gulf Oil Spill Resources

The Problem of Lawns

Climate News Roundup – Week of 5/31

Losing your glaciers? Build your own.

Changing Lives One Surgery at a Time: A Team of Urologists Makes an Impact in Kisumu, Kenya

Micro-focus in Development: Adding Results One-by-one

An Active Hurricane Season Predicted

Peak Water?

High Elevation Lakes

Needed: Ice Drills

Your friendly neighborhood Sinkhole: a sign of things to come?

How the Toe of Italy’s Boot Evolved

UN Secretary-General Makes First Trip to Millennium Village

Scouting the Glacier

Beyond Market Economics?

by |May 28|Water

The Garden on the Tibibas Plain, Mali: Women’s ag. project takes off

Addressing South Asia’s Urgent Global Issues Through Sustainable Development

Climate and Public-Health Communities Train Together

Predicting Rainfall in Senegal and the Sahel

Recovering from Jet Lag in a Dormant Volcano

Communities Participate to Lower Arsenic Exposure More Effectively in Bangladesh

The chaal and local groundwater management in India: When progress isn’t progress

A Distinguished Career: Wally Broecker

Sustainable Development Concentrators Celebrate Graduation at Special Breakfast Reception

MCI’s School2School Program Creates Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Moving Up a Melting Mountain

The Economist: Special Report on Water, a primer for the water crisis

Return to Malawi: Bringing Home Instruments and Earthquake Data

Irrigation project success in Mali

by |May 20|Water

Water and Energy – an Integrated Approach

The shrinking face of Jacobshavn Isbrae (Glacier)

LIMPET: Land Installed Marine Powered Energy Transformer

Heading for Thin Air

Packard Foundation Supports Sustainable Food Production

Our Race Against Time

Reaping Ice From a High Indonesian Peak

“The glacier whispers to me”

The Water Conflict in Ecuador

HSBC Supported Climate Change Adaptation Research Showcased

IRI Uses Climate Information to Help Prepare for Disasters

What can we learn from ‘land terminating’ glaciers?

Climate Bill Released

Sea-kites harvest the energy of the ocean

Greenland’s ‘Big Three’ Glaciers

Pastoralists Thrive in Rural Kenya: Turning Camel’s Milk into Gold

Achieving International Health Objectives with New Media and Technology

Climate News Roundup – Week of 5/2

The Letter: Climate Change and the Integrity of Science

Disney’s Oceans, the timely movie

Harlem Shows its Green Thumb

Making mHealth a Reality

Triaging the Behindedness

Earthquake Chasers in Upstate New York

Racing to Save the Planet: Conservation Efforts in the Gulf Region

Seeing the Big Picture of Climate Change

Hydraulic Fracturing – Potential for Contamination of Drinking Water Sources

by |May 3|Water

Vote for the Earth Institute in the eBay Fundraising Tournament for the Environment

Ceil and Michael E. Pulitzer Foundation Renews Support of Ethiopia Water, Educational Initiatives

Seismologists Gather for “Discourse over Materials”

Earth Institute Partners Support Work of Matt Berg, a 2010 TIME 100 Most Influential Person

Environmental Regeneration in Haiti: the Water Problem

Through the Looking Glass: A Science Art Exhibit

Vote for the Earth Institute in the eBay Fundraising Tournament for the Environment

The True Cost of Water: NYC Event May 6

Gulf Oil Spill

Illuminating the Science: Art and Climate Change Part II

Sustainable water systems in rural Brazil

Challenges Inherent in Teaching Geosciences

Mandating energy benchmarking: the next step for cities in addressing climate change?

Year Without a Summer? Not this Time.

Vote for the Earth Institute in the eBay Fundraising Tournament for the Environment

The Desert Margins – vulnerable to desertification, but not hopeless

Final Seminar this Thursday: When Science and Halakha (Jewish Law) Collide

The Bottled Water Risk: ‘Tapped’ Awareness Event (photos)

Code Charlie Turns to Code Delta

Creating More Useful Forecasts

Taro Takahashi Wins Top U.N. Award for Environmental Leadership

Faculty House Awarded LEED Gold Certification

Reflections on Haiti

T. Boone Pickens vs. Texas Water Conservation Board

Illuminating the Science: Art and Climate Change

“The Water Table is Dry:” The Reality of Urban Development

Addressing urban water scarcity in developing countries: Chennai, India

Treating children who suffer from acute malnutrition – one text message at a time

Paul Richards Wins Seismological Society of America’s Reid Medal

El Niño Begins to Dissipate

Tapped: Earth Week Water Documentary/Give Away/Town Hall at Teacher’s College

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Principality of Monaco Support Sustainable Development in Mali

Considering All Consequences of Single-Use Bag Laws

Weather is Still the Master Here

New Book Explores Link Between Climate and Ocean Currents

The Guarani Aquifer: a little known water resource in South America gets a voice

Good News from EPA – No Fooling

by |Apr 13|Water

3rd Spring Seminar this Tuesday!

New York City Water Summit (photos)

Dog sled races link back to a centuries old tradition

Closing the Water Gap – India

by |Apr 9|Water

Rainfall forecasting key to efficient hydropower in Ethiopia

Punjab Farmers Adapt to Shrinking Water Supply

Run for Water with CWC in Earth Week event

Bamboo Bikes Nearing Production

Dr. Betsee Parker Donates to the Haiti Program

The Dead Sea Dilemma – Part II

State of the Planet 2010

The weight of ice

Punjab Water Day 2010

Creating a Workforce to Achieve a Low-Carbon Economy

GRACE Satellites and the Global Water Balance: CWC Seminar

Cool Dip: New play about Africa and water conservation at Playwrights Horizons

National Geographic Water Issue speaks volumes

Water Footprinting – My Water Footprint

Religion, Peace, and International Law: A Genealogy

New Program Tackles Climate Threats to Food Security

Ice Cube Science

Creating a Sustainable Water Future

by |Mar 29|Water

LAUNCH Water Sustainability Forum report from Tobias Siegfried

Studying the Impacts of Climate on High-Altitude Ecosystems

A Rogue Water Project

Scientific Realism and Climate Change: Seminar with Martin Skrydstrup

Ideas for the Sustainable City: Green Buildings

Looking Back on Winter: Part I

State of the Planet 2010 – Closing

Keynote Address by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

SESSION III: ECONOMIC RECOVERY – What Does a Green Recovery Look Like?

SESSION II: POVERTY – How Do We Achieve the Millennium Development Goals?

SESSION I: CLIMATE CHANGE – What Would It Take to Complete the Climate Deal?

State of the Planet 2010 – Introduction

Following Arctic Leads

Coca Production, Deforestation and Climate Change

Nitrogen and Wastewater: Kartik Chandran interview Part 2

World Water Day – Let’s All Pull Together

by |Mar 22|Water

Second Spring Seminar Tomorrow Night!

California ‘shake down’ starts Greenland trip!

Microbial Drug Resistance: Interview with Kartik Chandran, Part 1

State of the Planet 2010: Join the Global Conversation

Climate News Roundup – Week of 3/21

Keeping PACE: How NY municipalities can implement a property assessed clean energy program to make use of available federal funds to reduce energy use

Worldwide Drinking Water and Sanitation: New WHO/UNICEF report

Initiatives to Help Haiti Recover

New York City Water Summit, April 9, 2010

Helping Haiti Build Back Stronger and More Sustainably

An Underwater Landslide; Then, a Deadly Wave

Get real: water pixies won’t solve your problems

China and India officially agree to associate with Copenhagen Accord

by |Mar 12|Climate

The Dead Sea Dilemma – Part I

by |Mar 11|Water

Take MDP Courses in the USA, Practice in Nigeria, Graduate in Costa Rica

Are Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Attainable?

Cap-and-Trade Under the Clean Air Act?: Rethinking Section 115

Reaching Out: Educating Specialists and the Public on Earthquake Monitoring

How much and how fast: Seminar on changing sea levels

Haiti Quake Fault Comes Into Focus

From snow to rain? Not so much.

Global Linkages, Global Literacy: MCI Celebrates World Read Aloud Day through School-to-School Partnerships

Climate and Meningitis in Africa

Simplify, Simplify: CWC Seminar on predicting the affects of climate change

Past Lecturer Now Director of NIH

Shipboard Researchers Image Haiti Earthquake Fault

Urban Design Lab: Plastic TrashPatch

The Oden and the Polarstern Cross Paths

Agriculture: Big Water Use, Big Water Savings

Some Thoughts about Glaciers Before Heading Home

Why Haiti Suffered More Than Chile

Researchers Probe Bottom Off Port-au-Prince

Earthquake Research Vessel Reaches Haiti Coast

What did you say? Saying what you mean.

A Truce in the California Water Wars

Learning to Be Observant

USGS report shows water use in the USA increasingly efficient

Building the Best Story You Can

Searching for Snails

Looking at Mud to Learn About Ice Sheets

Risks and Rewards: funding a technical earthquake response

India: Seminar on Increasing Water Efficiency in Agriculture Sector

When Lago Cardiel Was Larger

Geology Marches Forward

More Dust, Lago Potrok Aike

A “Legally Binding” Climate Agreement: What Does it Mean? Why Does it Matter?

Some Thoughts About Dust, Rio Gallegos

New Dept of Interior Water Strategy

Assessing Continuing Quake Risks, by Sea

Economist says climate change countermeasures make financial sense

Arrival: Buenos Aires

Following the Trail of Ancient Icebergs

The Role of Wastewater Treatment in Drug Resistance

UK report on oceanic geoengineering study

Mayor of Accra, Ghana, Speaks to City’s Challenges During Visit to the Earth Institute

Climate, Fires and Birds: How is the Tundra Changing?

A Video Camera on the Bottom of the Ocean

Con Edison, Nestlé and Walmart Join the Earth Institute Corporate Circle

Twitter Photo of the Day

Punjab Farmers Adapt to Shrinking Water Supply

Punjab Farmers Adapt to Shrinking Water Supply

Ensuring a Prosperous China by 2049 and Providing Best Practices for Ghana

Climate Change Leaders Join Jeff Sachs in Discussion on Post-Copenhagen Action

Water Scarcity Conflicts Loom, but also Potential Cooperation

Jaunt to Nearby Island Becomes Four-Day Epic

So Much Depends on Sea Ice

Getting Back on Track: Ending Global Hunger and Undernutrition

Public water means water savings

Supporting Students from Developing Countries with Scholarships and Internships

Urbanization, Deforestation, Reforestation

Is Ocean Water Helping to Melt Glaciers?

A People's Plan of Action to Fight Extreme Poverty

Leaders of Distinction: The Lamont Research Professor

Climate Risks and Haiti

To lighten up your day…

High, Dry and Safe: In Search of the Perfect Site

Take MDP Courses in the USA, Practice in Nigeria, Graduate in Costa Rica.

Saving water, paying more?

Bill Gates Visits the Earth Institute

A Rough Start

A Quiet Crackling Below the Ice

India boosts climate data contribution to IPCC

Ready to Sail

Temporary Seismic Networks Can Help Developing Nations Pinpoint Quakes

Continental Breakup in East Africa

Scientists Respond to Earthquakes in Malawi

A Sustainable Future for Haiti

Melting Glaciers–Tracking Their Path

What’s Making West Antarctica Melt?

Is there such a thing as too much water awareness?

The First Millennium City Song: Ghanaian Pop Artist Celebrates Accra’s Designation as a Millennium City

Cool tech: The ‘Savior Bud’ collects clean drinking water from trees

Climate News Roundup – Week of 2/1

Making a Difference in Africa

Food Miles, Fair Miles

Is there hope from Copenhagen?

Gifts Support Gender Equality and the Millennium Cities Initiative

Anonymous Gift Supports Earth Institute Priorities

Kumasi’s New Neonatal Clinics On Track to Reduce Maternal and Infant Mortality, Despite Lingering Challenges

Tundra, Microbes and World Climate

Rebuilding Haiti: The 10-Year Plan

Haiti: Physics of Quakes Past, and Future

Witnessing the Desperation of the Poor

The State of the Arctic

Needed in Haiti: Reinforced Buildings—and Economy

Haiti: America’s ‘Teachable Moment’

Sky’s the Limit: Kumasi Schools Hope to Benefit from School-to-School Partnerships

Rough seas bring unexpected rewards

Port-au-Prince and New Orleans

How to Help Haiti Recover

Let There Be Climate Change

Adelie penguins

Making Connections: Schools Come Together Thanks to Exciting New Partnership

The Haiti Earthquake

Reactions to Haiti Earthquake

Girls on Ice

A Change in Plans

Do I Want It in My Backyard? Yes I Do!

by |Jan 12|Climate

Scientists on Ice

Hola, Amigos!

Commenter Q & A

I Love Rock and Roll

I Have the Best Job Ever

Complicated Science, Simple Machines

The Work Before the Science

The Transit Home

Cargo in the Hold