2009 - State of the Planet

Welcome to the LARISSA Cruise!

This Time, A Colder Destination

Return to an Ice Shelf Lost

Christmas at Sea

But Time Will Not

A Light in the Darkness

How will climate change affect the Great Lakes?

Copenhagen: The False “Victory”

Whole-Earth Management

There Was No Big Bang, and There Won’t Be

Cities Are Moving Ahead

The (Welcome) End of Unanimity

The Many Fights Ahead

Water you drinking?

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And the Work Begins

What Does the Science Say?

Complex Models, Simple Solutions

The Current May Be Shifting

Gumby Suits

Healthy Climate, Healthy People

Sum of the Parts

Journey to the EPR

Getting In on the Act

How to Hold the Rich to Their Word

The Pitfalls of ‘Saving’ the Rainforest

Saving Rainforests: Low-Hanging Fruit

Urban Action: The Ultimate Reality Show

Is the U.S. Leading, or Leaving?

Greatest Show on Earth?

Water Problems: No Prediction Needed

Using Climate Information for Humanitarian Assistance

The Outrageous Complexity of This Enterprise

Almost No One Is Being Completely Unreasonable

The Military-Climatological Complex

We Can’t Solve the Problem–But We Can Make It Less Bad

The Long and Winding Road to Copenhagen

The Collective Action Curse

Protestors Should Press the U.S.

Cities Produce the Emissions. Cities Must Deal With Them.

Farming in Future Climates

Real Scientists Are Climate Skeptics

Is it time to water down Copenhagen?

Climate and Meningitis in Africa

You Can Ignore Polar Bears, But Not People

There Must Be a Way to Weatherize New York City

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Can Science Explain Religion?

We Can’t Separate Climate and Biodiversity

Why Copenhagen Will, and Should, Fail

Water Human Rights: Pollution

End the Politics. Let Scientists and Engineers Lead.

The Poor Need Climate Solutions Now

Adapting Is the Key

Cities Can Lead Nations

Our Leaders Can Run, But They Can’t Hide

Copenhagen: A Handbook

In the spirit of Thanksgiving….

30 Rock and Responsible Energy Use

Osmotic power — prospect of sustainable energy, or water liability?

Alissa Park – Lenfest Junior Professor in Applied Climate Science

Four Times Around the World in 40 Days

Climate News Roundup – Week of 11/22

Agriculture and its Discontents: Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Columbia Climate Center Partners With Deutsche Bank

MacArthur Foundation Supports Pilot to Reduce Maternal Deaths in Rural Ghana

Event: The National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges: An Overview and Focus on Water

A Breathtaking But Fragile Landscape

Climate Change and Religion

Tips for Communicating Climate Change

IRI Climate Scientist Appointed to NAS Advisory Panel

This Year’s Sachs Student Lecture

Water Human Rights: Physical Scarcity

Economics of Climate Change: Example from Ethiopia

Master of Science in Sustainability Management

Ghost Ice Shelves

Climate News Roundup – Week of 10/25

World Pneumonia Day

Shifting Perceptions on Global Warming

Water Human Rights: Economic Scarcity

The water/energy nexus

At Home Floating Over Antarctica

Over Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica

Changing the Urban Relationship to Food

Punjab: Less Water, More Money (Part 3)

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Climate News Roundup – Week of 10/18

Wonder and Knowledge

Scientists Visit Carbon Capture and Sequestration Site in Iceland

Potential El Nino Impacts

Water – a Human Right?

Katherine Pollard: What Makes Us Human?

Assessing Global Metrics for Agriculture

Gridlock in Everglades Land Deal

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Night Watchman

Punjab: Less Water, More Money (Part 2)

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Climate News Roundup – Week of 10/11

The Starry Messenger

On the Surface of Climate Change

A Revolutionary Degree to Train Better Development Professionals

Let’s Discuss Our Water Sources: Impacts of Natural Gas Extraction Along the Upper Delaware

Punjab: Less Water, More Money (Part 1)

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Test Flight

Climate News Roundup – Week of 10/4

Polar Survival a Century Ago: Good Planning, or Just Good Weather?

Food Security Under Climate Change

Climate News Roundup – Week of 9/27

Thinking on Your Feet on the Ice

Undergrads in Sustainable Development Travel to Japan

A New Way to Experience Antarctica

Climate News Roundup – Week of 9/19

Temperature trends since 1998: Puzzling evidence?

by |Sep 25|Climate

China, Japan, U.S. Star at U.N. Climate Change Summit

Water Reflections: Crisis of water supplies in New Delhi, India

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Klaus S. Lackner – Director of the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy

Climate News Roundup – Week of 9/12

Visit to Millennium Villages in Mali and Senegal

Ruth DeFries – Denning Professor of Sustainable Development; Professor of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology

Water/commodity series (4)Corn feed consumption: China, US, and India

by |Sep 18|Water

Water/commodity series (3)Wheat import/export

by |Sep 18|Water

Water/commodity series (2)Per capita wheat production: China, US, and India

by |Sep 18|Water

Water/commodity series (1)Wheat yield: China,US, and India

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Improving Lives in Koraro, Ethiopia, Through the Millennium Villages Project

Sea Change

Shaking Out Some Money

Webcast With Jeffrey Sachs

Designers at Columbia and MIT Promote “Foodshed” Concept

California’s other crisis

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Ecosystem Services Come to New York City: The Natural Way to Reduce Pollution

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India: the Impact of the 2009 Monsoon Failure

India’s Water Future

by |Aug 26|Water

Dark Side of Solar Has Light at the End of the Tunnel

by |Aug 22|Water

What does this El Niño mean for public health?

Water and Energy Conflict in Central Asia

“Ethical” Bottled Water Companies

Top misconceptions about El Niño and La Niña

Abrupt Climate Change in a Warming World

Cash for More Than Just Clunkers

Hawaii’ s homes go Green with solar hot water heaters

Punjab: A tale of prosperity and decline

by |Jul 28|Water

Rockefeller Foundation Supports Urban Planning in Nairobi

The latest on permafrost

Water Harvesting Making a Comeback

by |Jul 12|Water

Plasma Gasification: A Solution to the Waste Disposal Dilemma?

Fourth of July fireworks: water contaminants?

by |Jul 4|Water

India’s Climate Envoy: In Global Climate Treaties, Equity is Imperative

The Earth Institute and Merck & Co., Inc./The Merck Company Foundation Collaborate To Strengthen Health Services In Rural Africa

Nuclear Dark Ages? Or Nuclear Renaissance?

Turning CO2 Into Stone

El Niño Conditions Imminent

New report: Reducing climate risks with index insurance

Reclaimed Water: Safe to Drink?

White House Report: Climate Change Impacts in the US

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Deutsche Bank Launches Carbon Counter in NYC

Deutsche Bank Launches Carbon Counter

East African Drought Linked to Climate Change?

A new report says climate change could spur unprecedented migration

Some Thoughts on the Summer Institute

U.S., Canada, re-opening negotiations on Great Lakes water quality

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Jeffrey Sachs talks about Columbia Climate Center in new video

No reason to care about water

by |Jun 11|Water

Climate & Terrorism – Linked?

Water-Energy Dependency May Put a Damper on Water Banking in California

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MacArthur To Support Master’s Programs Around the World Offering Professional Training for Future Sustainable Development Leaders

Climate and Meningitis in Africa

Climate change finance as a tool for women’s empowerment

What is “it” about bottled water?

Health people, meet climate people!

Mayor Bloomberg's Persistent Sustainability Agenda

Adaptive Strategies in Managing Climate Change Risk

CWC’s new Great Lakes Column

Seawater desalination: the solution?

by |May 31|Water

Dam Break in Northeast Brazil: Can We Blame Global Warming?

A Cistern in NYC – Yes!

ioby.org: Bringing Awareness and Support to Local Environmental Projects

Water Sensors – Saving Water in Irrigation

Is Water Too Cheap in China?

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“The Truth About Water Wars”

Climate Change and CO2 Uptake

Down by the River, Running Out of Water

Swine flu, climate change, and the future of infectious diseases

The Stuff of Sustainability

Green Infrastructure

Global Sustainability and the Class of 2009

May is American Wetlands Month

Pondering the Deep

ILAS and the IRI Meet, Look Ahead to Copenhagen

NYS agencies phasing out bottled water

Water Security in Asia

by |May 5|Water

Mudslides: Forecasting Risk

Torture: Ineffective, Illegal, and Unprincipled

The Heat is On: Can Mass Transit Adapt?

Science, Technology and Economic Development

Central Asian Water Summit

Shriveling Rivers

India’s “Revolution”

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Climate: The Basics

Cities at a Turning Point

Tampa Bay Water has Bleak Outlook

Sachs at Haverford College on Global Economic Crisis

Water Center Conference: Water Security in India

How, what, & where CCS on 4/21

Launch of new climate science book to take place at Columbia tomorrow

What is the future of the Everglades?

Arsenic in Bangladesh Water, Then and Now

Intelligent Infrastructure

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The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009: Climate Policy Gets Real

by |Apr 9|Climate

Where is the Water-Powered Car?

The Geithner-Summers Plan is Even Worse Than We Thought

Early Human Influence on the Climate

Renewables May Gain Momentum in Response to Water Shortages

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Water, Development and Corruption: An Unholy Alliance

Everywhere a Hammer on a Nail

Operational Coconut Yield Predictions

Border Issues Arise from Global Warming

Water Wars in Ethiopia

Who cares about the Southern Ocean?

by |Mar 29|Climate

California’s Water Bank – A Bank With Nothing to Lend?

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Climate Change and the right to water

Your Water Footprint

Turkish Baths?

Will the economy call the EPA’s bluff?

Water: A Basic Human Right?

by |Mar 24|Water

Mexico City to Treat Water Runoff

New NOAA Administrator

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World Water Week

by |Mar 21|Water

Is Water-banking the Key to California’s Water Woes?

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Next G-20 Meeting is a Chance to Help Three Billion Living in Poverty

5th World Water Forum

Fishing for Pollution

Will the Fortune 100 Save Us?

Suburban Seismology

Fix a Leak Week, March 16-20, 2009

Behavior, policy, and climate change

by |Mar 18|Climate

IBM’s Water Membrane

Laptops and MTV in Rural Kenyan School

Water for Profit?

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Water Usage Per Person

Pole of Inaccessibility

Picturing Climate Change

Free water saving kits from NYC DEP

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Meeting the Climate Challenge: The Columbia Climate Center Launch

Sand Filtration

Aquaduct Bicycle


Jeffrey Sachs on African Aid

Snowstorms in a Warming World

Foot Forward

What Was That Big Bang?

Do you still drink bottled water?

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Welcome to the Earth Institute Blog

A Q+A on climate risk management in practice

Obama’s Clean Water Initiatives

EPA Water Quality Video Contest- Win $2,500!

Falling Demand = Rising Prices?

(Almost) Ten things I learned at GROCC-6

What Do You Pay for Water?

Water Pyramid

Engineered Osmosis

As Economy Falters, Everglades May Lose Out

by |Mar 4|Water

Drought and Fire Continue to Threaten Koalas and Humans in Australia

Water, Water everywhere, nor any drop for China?

Deep Thoughts on Deep Convection

Global Roundtable on Climate Change Will Bring Together International Stakeholders to Discuss Issues of Climate Change

Drought in China

Giving new meaning to the word “hybrid”

Water Footprinting

La Niña Conditions to Continue?

Oil sands on Obama’s Canada agenda

Watch out GHGs: the Clean Air Act is coming to get you!

When will we see a sea level rise of three feet?

Interdisciplinary Work: Big Challenge, But Not Impossible

Arctic Sea Ice in a Warmer Climate

Low-cost water management in Ethiopia

JM Eagle and Earth Institute Bring Cleaner, Safer Water to Thousands in Rural Senegal

Haiti Quake and Reconstruction Resources

McKinsey’s New GHG Abatement Curve

Emissions standards to get Californicated

Paying extra for electricity, feeling like a sucker

Orange you glad we counted the carbon?

Lonnie Thompson’s 7,000 Meters of Ice

A Quick Guide to Obama’s Climate Picks, Part 1

Around the world: Canada, Part II

Arctic Sea Ice Retreat: When Will the Arctic Ocean be Ice-Free During Summer?

Wally Broecker wins prestigious BBVA Foundation award for Climate Research

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Columbia Climate Center Launches its Website

China, coal liquefaction, and more…

Obama’s Stimulus Plan and Climate Change