A domestic rainwater harvesting system from Atlantis, an international company that engineers systems to capture rainfall and runoff, and other “green” infrastructure.

An Ancient Tool Holds Promise for Modern Water Problems

Elephant ivory confiscated in the bust.

Student Writing Project Exposes NYC’s Illegal Ivory Trade

For a term project, Wendy Hapgood, MSSM ’16, investigated the possible illegal sale of ivory at shops in Manhattan. She found evidence for the largest ivory bust in New York state history.

by |March 29, 2017
Iara Profile

MPA ESP Student Profile: Iara Vicente – From the Amazon to the World

Iara Vicente is an Amazonian policy analyst who received her BA in Sociology at the University of Brasilia. During her professional journey, she worked with some of the most important Brazilian environmental non-profits – The Socioambiental Institute (ISA), known for its advocacy in forest and indigenous peoples’ rights; and at the Esquel Group Foundation. After… read more

by |March 29, 2017

The “Can’t-Do” Approach of the American Auto Industry

Until President Trump’s election, auto manufacturers supported the ambitious emissions and fuel efficiency goals set by the Obama Administration. Now, with the chance to escape these requirements, they are lobbying to get rid of them.

by |March 27, 2017
williams-park 2015

Park Williams Discovers History and Science in a Tree Ring

Park Williams studies trees and climate, in particular the causes of drought and the effects of climate change on forests. In this latest in a series of Earth Institute videos, we spoke to him about what he does, what’s important about it, and how his interest in history and environmental science blended into a career.

by |March 24, 2017
Yael Kiro

Work on Dead Sea Geology Earns Yael Kiro an Award

Yael Kiro, an associate research scientist at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, has received the 2017 Professor Rafi Freund Award from the Israel Geological Society for work published on the ancient climate history of the Dead Sea.

by |March 23, 2017